In this book, you will learn nine daily success tips of people that have lost over 100 pounds in a healthy manner. Moreover, the author will provide tips on how to stay motivated throughout your journey of losing weight. Alexander also talks extensively about nutrition, food supplements, sleep, and exercise. The book covers all of these aspects in a friendly manner that is easy to understand for all. The author wrote this book after noticing the patterns that seperated successful weight losers from those who are unsuccessful.


Alexander Heyne is the author of this book in addition to several others. He is a motivational speaker and travels the nation giving presentantions. For more information, you can visit his personal website,


  • Alexander Heyne’s website,, has over 170,000 monthly readers.
  • Many dieticians and nutritionists have praised the book and its teachings.
  • The book aims to lead its readers to change their eating habits, incorporate more exercises into their lives.
  • It also seeks to educate people of the dangers that processed foods can have on our bodies.
  • Alexander talks about human psychology and how it rules our lives.
  • He explains that worrying excessively over everything will cause you to have cravings for unhealthy foods, such as chips or soft drinks.

How does the plan work?

The author makes this diet really simple to follow. He introduces us to the ingredients that we should eat every day and explains what we should refain from eating. He describes the healthy food groups and explains how each is beneficial to your body. He explains how eating foods from certain food groups can lead to hormonal imbalances, slowed metabolism and overall digestive issues. He also believes that by stabilizing our psychological health we can lose much more weight than with any exercise. He dismisses the stereotype that weight gain occurs as a result of depression in many individuals. Instead, he insists that it is the other way round.


Readers have noted that the book contains more than a few typos and grammatical errors, hence the book leaves a less than favorable impression. Some chapters seem to be redundant and repetitive. Although the information regarding our anatomy, food, and psychology is reliable, the information can be found openly on the internet. Furthermore, little research is included to back his claims.


  • The plan is easy to follow because it does not require any drastic diet changes or rigorous exercise plans.
  • This book tackles the psychology behind why we gain excessive weight and continue bad eating habits. Not many books address this topic. It may serve to make it more appealing to some readers who may find it easier to change thier habits if they understand the psychology behind why the change is necessary.
  • The diet plans introduced by Alexander are balanced and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


  • As mentioned above, the book has typos and grammatical errors. This spoils the overall presentation and reflects negatively on his credibility.
  • Alexander Heyne seems to have tried to make the book longer by going around the same idea in different chapters.

Customer Reviews

  1. “I have lost well over 50 pounds in 16 months, this was 2 years ago. I have managed to keep it off till now. But I credit Alex for so much more. He helped me realize how important it was to stay calm in every situation, how to analyze things and only then act. This has definitely saved me so many problems at work and in my personal life. By avoiding those problems, I believe I avoided putting many pounds on as a result of nervousness and the stress-eating that would have followed .”
  2. “I got this book as a gift from my daughter. I wasn’t overweight but I did struggle with self-control when it came to munching in front of the TV. After reading the book, I realized that that problem stemmed from me stressing so much at work. Eating junk food in the evening was my remedy. Needless, to say I was high on cholesterol and riding 180 miles straight into obesity. I now eat my dinner at 7 o’clock and watch my television with a cup of jasmine tea.”
  3. “I personally think that this book is a rare gem. We all know what we need to do to attain a healthy and happy life. However, for the most part, we simply ignore it and continue with our unhealthy ways. Alexander Heyne helps us get back on the road to a great body, mind, and spirit. He does this by providing great exercises that can be done in 10 minutes before work. He also has great meal plans that do not require shopping on the outskirts of the city at wholesale supermarkets. I am happy that the sales girl at target suggested this book.”
  4. “The book seems great at first. After several chapters, the book seems to be just copy-and-paste information we have all already read on numerous health websites. To make things worse, it is hard to understand whether Alexander Heyne’s book is about nutrition, exercises, psychology, or body language.”
  5. “The book reminds us what we all already know. To obtain what we want in life, we need to work hard and stick to our plan no matter what. Alexander also reminds us that goals are easier to reach if we break down our plan into small tidbits that are much easier to achieve. Writing our goal down is another great peice of advice. Overall, I am happy I have read this book.“

Verdict –Approved

This is a book that focuses mostly on the psychological factors of weight loss and obesity. If you think that might be the cause of your extra weight, the book will provide valuable tips and suggestions. If you are a fitness enthusiast, be prepared to be disappointed. The book has only one chapter on exercise, and they are all very light on cardio and stretching. This is a great book for those just beginning their weight loss journey or those who are looking for a gentle, healthy plan to adopt.