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Cheddar Quilt

Tiny pc! c 1900s Log Cabin QUILT Vintage Mennonite PA Black Cheddar Lancaster


Glowing Cheddar! c 1880-1900 Goose Track PA QUILT Antique Hands Around Mennonite


Antique Homespun Cheddar Shirting Quilt Piece Cotton Repurpose Study


Vintage Basket Quilt Cheddar & Blue 82" x 96" Cotton 1900 Graphic Hand Applique


Gorgeous Antique Applique Flower Wreath Quilt Top 68"x 68" Brown Cheddar Green


GORGEOUS Vintage 1860's Indigo Blue & Cheddar Delectable Mountain Antique Quilt!


Eye Candy! c 1890-1900 PA Trip Around The World QUILT Top Antique Cheddar Red


Bold, Graphic Ohio Star Antique Quilt-Vibrant Purple, Cheddar, Pale Teal


Prim Country FLYING GEESE Antique c1900 QUILT PILLOW Cheddar Plaid + Shirting #1


Glowing! c 1900s Mennonite PA Flower Garden "Honeycomb" QUILT Vintage Cheddar


Red Cheddar! c 1900 Railroad Crossing Table QUILT Runner Antique 31 x 10


Antique Princess Feather Quilt Madder Brown. Red and Cheddar on White c.1850


Amazing Design! c 1860s ALBUM Applique QUILT Antique Red Green Cheddar Tiny pcs


Cheddar Red c 1900s PA Carolina Lily QUILT Vintage Lancaster Co


MAGNIFICENT Vintage 1880's Cheddar Yellow & White Stars & Circles Antique Quilt!


Unusual one! Vintage BASKETs Quilt Turkey Red Cheddar Stars


BEAUTIFUL Vintage Field of Diamonds Antique Quilt ~Nice Cheddar Background!


DAZZLING Vintage 1860's Cheddar Orange and Green "Endless Chain" Antique Quilt!


~Back In Time Textiles~Antique 1830-60 quilt block loads of early cheddar fabric


Antique Quilt Lemoyne Star red and cheddar print fantastic back


GRAPHIC c 1890-1900 Log Cabin QUILT Antique Cheddar Indigo NEVER washed!


ELEGANT Vintage 1870's Red, Green & Cheddar Irish Chain Antique Quilt ~Sm. Pcs.!


Cheddar Red! c 1890-1900 PA Tumblers QUILT Antique Charmer CRISP


Vintage Early Pinwheel Quilt Antique Hand quilted Cheddar Blue Beautiful 70"x82"


Antique Homespun Calico Quilt Pc~Claret Cheddar Brown~ Primitive Farmhouse Cabin


Large Antique Rose Wreath Applique Quilt, Brown/Green/Cheddar,Swag Border #18514


VIBRANT Vintage 1890's String Star Crazy Antique Quilt ~CHEDDAR BACKGROUND!


Farm Fresh! c 1920-30s Puss in Corner QUILT Vintage Indigo Blue Cheddar Orange


XL WELL QUILTED 1850's Red Green & Cheddar Whig Rose Applique Antique Quilt!


Cheddar Colorful! Vintage PA Wild Goose Chase QUILT Mennonite Lancaster Co


Vintage 30's Red, Green & Cheddar Tulips 4-Block Antique Quilt ~GREAT QUILTING!


Vintage PRE CIVIL WAR 1850's Red Green & Cheddar Lily Applique Antique Quilt!


1880's PA Mennonite Red & Cheddar Rob Peter to Pay Paul Stars Antique Quilt!


RARE Vintage Amaryllis Red, Green & Cheddar Applique Antique Quilt ~VIBRANT!


1890's Red & Cheddar Diamonds & Postage Stamp Antique Quilt ~SAWTOOTH BORDER!


Cheddar & Salmon! Dated PA 1898 Trip Around The World QUILT Antique


Vintage Early Pot Basket of Flowers Quilt Antique Hand quilted Pink Cheddar


VIBRANT Vintage 1880's PA Red & Cheddar Touching Stars Antique Quilt ~COLORFUL!


"Turkey Tracks" Antique Quilt, Red, Green and Cheddar, Well Quilted, #18654


VIBRANT 1890's Red Teal Green & Cheddar PA Mennonite Baskets Antique Quilt ~WOW!


Antique "Rose of Sharon" Applique Quilt, Red, Green and Cheddar, #18539