Top 10 Foods That Flush Nicotine Out of The Body


Nicotine is the chemical that makes cigarettes and smoking so hard to quit, nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals known to man and it has been smoked all over the world for centuries. Nicotine is a stimulant that can block nerve and muscle cells from proper functioning. The tobacco plant produces nicotine that can raise heartbeat, blood pressure and can even increase your risk of a stroke.

Even with all of the smoking bans, health warnings and science to prove how harmful nicotine can be, people still choose to smoke. One can also chew tobacco, which is less harmful but still contains nicotine. If you smoke it is possible to flush nicotine out of your system by eating certain foods. There is more than one way to do this with different foods, read on to find out how.

1. Broccoli


Broccoli contains high levels of vitamin B5 and C, B vitamins are responsible for regulating many important processes in your body. Lack of vitamins can mean your body does not respond optimally. Eating broccoli replenishes vitamin C and keeps your metabolism peaked and also keeps your lungs protected from toxins. Broccoli contains gene NRF2 that protects the lungs cells from being attacked.

2. Oranges


Oranges are a mighty citrus fruit, nicotine stresses the body and depletes levels of vitamin C. Consuming oranges replenishes vitamin C levels and can also reduce stress and anxiety caused by nicotine cravings.

3. Spinach


Spinach contains folic acids or Vitamin B9 that are known to remove nicotine from the body. Nicotine can interrupt normal sleeping patterns and smokers often suffer interrupted sleep patterns due to nicotine. Folic acids are also essential to take when trying to combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms as they play a vital role in mental and emotional wellbeing.

4. Ginger


Ginger can help get rid of many unwanted symptoms caused by smoking and nicotine. For the full effects one should consume raw ginger to relieve nicotine cravings, maintain healthy weight loss and reduce toxins in your blood stream caused by nicotine. The best way to flush nicotine out of your body is to quit and ginger can help you do this.

5. Cranberries


The acid in cranberries is helps flush nicotine out of your bloodstream faster than you normally would. Nicotine raises your blood sugar levels just like cranberries do, so substituting cigarettes for cranberries can stop cravings when you are trying to quit nicotine. Keep yourself topped up on sugar from cranberries and keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

6. Lemons


Lemons are another potent weapon of choice for combating nicotine. If you smoke the nicotine stays in your system for up to 3 days. Damaging skin cells and pores, bolster your immunity and skin health with lemons, their citric acid and vitamin C will quickly combat unwanted symptoms of nicotine and smoking.

7. Carrots


Diminishing Vitamin A and C several times a day is just what you will do as a regular smoker. Damaging nerve cells, circulation and brain functioning. Bolster your body with regular intake of carrots to replenish your vitamin A, C and K levels thus strengthening your body’s natural defences.

8. Pomegranates


Smoking raises the heartbeat, blood pressure and decreases oxygen levels in your blood stream. One should counteract these symptoms by consuming pomegranates and improve your circulation, they also help your body produce more red blood cells.

9. Wheat Germ

Smoking can tighten up your blood vessels so try eating wheat germ that is found in nuts to get enough vitamin E to improve the elasticity of your circulatory system. Wheat germ can also reduce any risks of developing heart disease when you get older.

10. Kale


Kale is known as a cruciferous vegetable and the more of these you eat, the less likely you are to get cancer. Kale is a natural source of isothiocyanates and other antioxidants that can rid your body of unwanted, lingering nicotine.

Adipex or Phen375 – Side Effects of Adipex

Diet pills are extremely popular and a lot of people like you and me resort to such pills in order to lose excess weight. Most of us are not really aware of the side effects of such pills and drugs and some of them can potentially dangerous for your health and internal system. In fact, they can do more harm than good.

One of the most important things to check before buying a weight loss pill is to find out what the customer really say about the product. There are thousands of weight loss forums that can provide real insight into the effectiveness and the safety of a diet pill.

Adipex and Its Side Effects

Adipex, manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals, may be the brand name for the generic prescription drug, phentermine. In reality, it may be the leading excess weight reduction drug of its kind in terms of sales; physicians locate it quick to prescribe given that in comes in both tablets and capsules of varying strengths.

Adipex is an appetite suppressant which causes users to consume fewer calories and thereby losing excess excess weight. Nonetheless, you should pay close attention to what your physician tells you about the harmful side effects of phentermine-containing drugs including amphetamine-like addiction, gastric upset like diarrhea and constipation, changes in mood and thinking pattern, dangerously high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, blurred vision, sexual impotence, and even sudden death from anaphylactic shock.

Adipex (phentermine) users who fail to heed their doctors’ warnings to eat six wholesome meals per day, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly can effortlessly become malnourished and dehydrated; these conditions are life-threatening and should be immediately treated in an emergency situation.

Considering that Adipex hit the excess weight reduction industry in 1990, a lot of users of this along with other phentermine drugs became “regulars” on support forums with comments about painful leg and feet cramps, abdominal and leg pain on the proper side of the body, alarming hand tremors, mood depression, mood irritability, chest pain, insomnia, indigestion, headache, mouth sores, inability to focus or concentrate, and painfully stiff muscles.

It’s not unusual for users of Adipex along with other phentermine-based prescription drugs to stop employing them since of unmanageable side consequences.

However, if you want to lose weight, there is no other better option as compared to Phentemine375 or Phen375. It is a diet pill that is manufactured in FDA approved lab and what is intertesting is that it has nothing to do with Phentermine. It is just the name that sounds alike!

Phen375 is a legal fat burner that can  bought without a prescription. It has become a huge hit among the weight watchers ever since it hit the market in Feb 2009.

Instead of item reviews about side consequences and allergic reactions, Phen375 users tend to post forum entries about regaining self-esteem, feeling wholesome and fit, and receiving positive feedback from others about their appearance. The truth about Adipex is that it can harm you. The truth about Phen357 is that it won’t.

5 Simple Weight & Health Watching Tips

1. Read The Labels Closely – You will often see labels such as “Half the calories!” or “Reduced fat!” Be careful with these and read the serving sizes. What a lot of these companies do is to reduce the serving size, not the actual amount of calories in their product. So yeah, you’re only consuming half the amount of calories on this cool new redone product, but that is because you are only eating half the amount as you normally would.

2. Take Your Time Eating – This one is pretty simple. Take your time while eating, don’t gulp tings down. If you have a nice leisurely meal, you will not eat as much as if you ate fast. Give your food time to digest and “kick in.” If you take your time, you will notice that only 2 pieces of pizza will fill you up than the 3 or 4 that would if you gulped them down.

3. Keep It Out Of Your House – You really don’t need that bag of candies, now do you? What’s the simplest way to insure that you don’t eat them? Don’t buy them. If you don’t have them sitting around your house than you will not be able to give into the temptation of eating them.

4. Have A Healthy Snack – It’s 4 in the afternoon and you are getting hungry. Dinner won’t be served for another 3 hours, and you need something to eat. Don’t take out the chips bag or reach into the cookie jar. Rather, make yourself a nice little snack. An apple and a small chunk of cheese tastes very nice. Some cheese and pretzels do, too. A granola bar. A couple cheese and crackers. Maybe a nutragrain bar. The idea is to eat a healthy snack that will fill you up until the next meal, and not be constantly snacking.

5. Walk Your Dog – Do you have a dog? Well, all dogs need to be walked, even though a lot of owners don’t do it. It not only provides great exercise, it is also refreshing and can provide other benefits. We’re not talking about a long mile walk (though if you can, bravo), maybe just up a couple streets and back. Give yourself and your dog a chance to stretch your legs and work off a couple of calories. Meet some other people while you’re at it and enjoy the outdoors!

5 Steps To Healthy, Beautiful Long Hair

It is great to receive compliments for beautiful and healthy hair even though it may need a bit of care. The five steps that you should take to maintain the beauty of your hair are as follows:

The first step dealing with hair maintenance is to handle it with care. Some people comb in an unruly manner that may damage the hair surface or can even break it from the root. It is often damaged because of negligence and carelessness. You should detangle the hair first with fingers and then with wide-tooth comb to cause minimum damage to the hair. Further, you should replace things like metal barrettes and rough elastics with hair sticks and plastic clips.

Properly maintain your long hair and do not let your hairstylist shorten it against your will. Some stylists are habituated to cut the hair short, without any reason. Be on your guard and do not allow him to exercise his will.

Long hair needs special attention over its maintenance, as it is more porous and older. You should use gentle shampoo over it and avoid excessive use of conditioner, as it may hinder adequate cleansing. Deep protein treatment and use of moisturizers is good for long hair.

A healthy body ensures healthy hair growth. If you pay proper attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are sure to have a beautiful and healthy hair as well.

Long hair adds to your look by offering myriad hairstyles that you cannot enjoy otherwise. Learn to carry it well. Further, you should carefully figure out damaged hair and trim it to have a purely healthy hair. Excessive use of blow-drier can mar the beauty of your long lustrous hair. Besides, chlorine and saltwater may damage it. Thus, a few helpful hair care tips aid to keep your hair long and beautiful.

About the Author

My name is Marquetta Breslin and I’m a professional hair braider with over 12 years of experiance.

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